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Ronan is an Irish wizard who is described as a handsome celt-goth. Nita meets him in A Wizard Abroad.


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Ronan Nolan, Jr is a wizard whom Nita meets during the events of A Wizard Abroad. His body is the host of the One's Champion and he also possesses the Spear Luin (Spear of Light), making him extremely magically powerful until the One's Champion has to leave him in Wizards at War. He is one of the main characters in Wizards at War and is Nita's love interest in A Wizard Abroad, eventually kissing her. On his Ordeal he 'took the sea in', briefly controlling an entire portion of the ocean, essentially becoming it. In Wizards at War, he becomes a love interest of Kit's sister, Carmela, a theme that continues in A Wizard of Mars.

Eventually the tension between him and Nita decreases after Nita says that Carmela is "all his" in Wizards at War.