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Harold Edward "Harry" Callahan (father) Betty Callahan (mother, dead) Dairine Callahan (sister)



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Human Wizard


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Kit Rodriguez

Juanita "Nita" Callahan, sometimes nicknamed "Neets", is the protagonist of the Young Wizards book series. She, along with her wizarding partner, Christopher "Kit" Rodriguez, and other wizards, has had to save Earth several times.


Juanita Louise "Nita" Callahan begins the series in junior high school as a typical "book-nerd" who is often bullied by stronger girls. As the series goes on, she deals with such issues as parents, romance, death, sex, and social bullying. She lives at home with her parents and her genius kid sister Dairine. She is often called "Neets." She loves horse books and listens to Journey (according to High Wizardry). Her wizardly specialty initially seems to be the art of dealing with plants and the living world (sometimes referred to as organic wizardry), but later on shifts more toward wizardly theory and manipulation of kernels—cores of energy found at the center of every person, planet and universe that act as replicable centers for major wizardries. Recent events have suggested that Nita may be switching specialties again, this time into precognition and oracular dreaming, also developing a connection with water.

The third book, High Wizardry, briefly deals with the possibility that Nita and Kit have feelings for each other. In the 9th installment, A Wizard of Mars, Nita admits that she may be jealous of Aurilelde, a female alien that Kit seems to be attracted to. Later, in the heat of the moment, while fighting with the alien princess, she calls Kit her "boyfriend," though she and Kit are not officially "together" until the end of the novel. In the process, she learns that Kit was not attracted to Aurilelde, but her, in a complicated series of events.

Nita has a brief relationship with the Irish wizard Ronan in A Wizard Abroad, although when he reappears in Wizards at War, there isn't any sort of tension.


So You Want to be a Wizard

In the beginning of the first book of the Young Wizards series, Nita is being attacked by some bullies from her school. She finds cover in the library, and with the librarian's help, she's able to stay hidden in the children's section downstairs. While Nita is admiring all of the books she read when she was younger and running her hand along the books, one catches her finger. She pulls out this book and sees that it's one she doesn't recognize. So she begins to read the book, titled So You Want to be a Wizard. When she emerges from the library, this new book checked out, and heads home, she gets beat up by the bullies and finds her pen missing afterwards. Later in the night, Nita takes the oath in the front of the book and then goes to sleep.

The next morning, Nita quickly does all her chores then heads out and begins to read the book, trying to memorize everything. Eventually, the trees begin speaking to her, and she learn of another wizard across the highway. Upon her arrival at the forest where the trees had told her he'd be, there was a boy whom she finds out is named Kit.