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Kit, on the cover of So You Want to Be a Wizard

Kit Rodriguez
Gender Male
Family Carmela Rodriguez(sister), Helena Rodriguez(sister), Poncho(dog)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark(Unknown)
Height Unknown(Originally shorter than Nita, later on taller)
Species Human Wizard
Appearances So You Want to be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, A Wizard Abroad, Wizard's Dilemma, A Wizard Alone, Wizard's Holiday, Wizards at War, A Wizard of Mars, Games Wizards Play
Home New York
Wizardry Partner Nita Callahan
Associates Ronan, Darryl, Tom Swale, Carl, Nita Callahan, Dairine Callahan, Ponch
Significant Other Nita Callahan

"It's true, what the book said. There are people who wouldn't know a magic if it bit them."(pg. 58)

Kit Rodriguez is a young wizard along with Nita Callahan, who is his friend and partner. He is a main character, appearing in every book. Kit has "straight black hair and a Hispanic look to his face"(pg. 48), with dark eyes.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


So You Want To Be a


Kit first appears when Nita finds him attempting a spell. At first he is surprised to see her, but quickly accepts her help. He tells her his name and admits that he was the kid getting teased earlier that week. Together, Nita and Kit cast a spell, after he shows her that the magic is real. "'I fixed my dog's nose,' he said. 'A wasp stung him and I made it go right away. And I talked to the rock.'"(pg. 53)

They conduct a finding spell, and he shows her how to write their names. She is surprised that he skipped a couple grades, but he pretends like it's fine. They accidentally go to Dark Manhattan, and get caught by the Lone One. When they get back, Fred is with them. "'Well, it-oh,' Kit said, as he finally managed to focus on the sedately hovering brightness. 'Oh. It's-uh...'"(pg. 74)

Fred misinterprets the situation, thinking that Kit is one of the Powers That Be. "(You're one of the Powers born of Life? Oh, I'm sorry I didn't recognize You- I know You can take any shape but somehow I'd always thought of You as being bigger. A quasar, or a mega-nova.) The white hole made a feeling of rueful amusement. (It's confusing being dead!) 'Oh, brother,' Kit said. 'Look, I'm not-you're not- just not.'"(pg. 78)

Kit is the one who decides to call it Fred, as the actual translation (Khairelikoblepharehglukumeilichephreidosd'enagouni) is too long. Fred decides to help Kit find power and Nita find her pen. Kit encourages Nita to face Joanne, and congratulates her afterwards. When Fred starts emitting, Kit is taken aback.

Nita, Kit, and Fred all go to see the local Advisories, though they are nervous because one is rumored to be insane. When Nita is pulled through the hedge by Annie the sheepdog, Kit has no choice but to chase after. They are enraptured by the story Tom and Carl tell them, about wizardry.

Kit and Nita purchase a piece of time on Saturday from 10:45 to 10:47, and Machu Picchu gives them the following-"Don't be afraid to make corrections... Don't be afraid to lend a hand...And don't look down." On the way out, Kit drops a penny into the koi pond, and a koi spits it back out at him and scolds him.

During the next few days, Kit and Nita interact a lot. She meets his sisters, learns a little Spanish, and talks to his dog. They decide that Kit should do the majority of the speaking, since he knows more, so Nita finds supplies with Fred while Kit studies.

Kit talks to his father's old Edsel, who turnes out to be very kind and allows him to take the antenna. He brings it with them in case of trouble. Kit shows a certain dexterity with machines, and talks to the train they ride to the worldgate.

When the worldgate is moved, Kit is distressed, but quickly adopts Nita's idea to walk out to the worldgate on air. He is still highly doubtful of the quality of the bridge, and goes up with her nevertheless. He convinces the lock on the door to open, remarking to Nita that he did something similar with his mother's car door the other day.

Kit casts a spell using sugar, a battery, a circuit board, and the handle of a glass teacup. When exiting the building, they hear a loud CRACK! but do not discover what it is, despite Fred checking for them. They cast the spell, and Nita creates the walkway. He doesn't trust it at first, but eventually comes out onto it.

They both stop when something hits the walkway, and fall down. Nita falls on Kit's knee, and they shakily stand again, assuming it was just a bird. "'You okay?' 'Sure,' Kit said, just as shakily. 'I try to have a heart attack every day whether I need one or not. Get off my knee, huh?'" (172)Nita begins to cast the spell to retrieve her pen, but they get attacked by perytons. Without any other option, Nita breaks off the spell, dissolves the walkway, and they both jump.

When they land, Nita and Kit are in Dark Manhattan, a modified version of Manhattan in a different universe. They realize it is not a nice place and try to set up a spell when they are attacked. Helicopter creatures fly in at them, and they are knocked down multiple times. Both are moderately injured. They attempt a spell, looking for the worldgate.

It's clear that they will not survive without the bright Book. Kit gets upset, realizing that this was not a mistake and the Powers probably sent them there purposefully.