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Darryl McAllister is introduced in A Wizard Alone and appears briefly in Wizards at War. In A Wizard Alone, Kit is sent to help Darryl in his Ordeal. He soon learns that Darryl is autistic and that his Ordeal is being deliberately sabotaged by the Lone Power. Utilizing Ponch's ability to "walk" through universes, Kit enters Darryl's mind to assist him in the Ordeal, but overexposure causes Kit to exhibit antisocial tendencies and mood swings picked up from Darryl himself. Nita, however, discovers that Darryl is an Abdal—a figure of tremendous power and a conduit for goodness from the One—and that he is actually tricking the Lone One, making him think that he's in control so that Darryl can trap him in a self-created universe and never again let him out. Nita and Kit put a stop to the cycle by reaching out to Darryl together, who swears to the Lone One that he will remain in the universe if the Lone One returns to it someday, and then circumvents the Ordeal by taking advantage of his Abdal ability to be in two places at once. In the original version, Darryl uses this ability to split his autistic "self" and leaves it behind in the universe he created, so that the Lone Power is forever trapped there with the autistic Darryl. In the new "Young Millennium" Revised Editions, this was changed so that a mirrored version of Darryl watches over the Lone Power. Darryl continues to be autistic for the remainder of the series (in the revised editions) although he regains his coping abilities. Though the Lone Power itself is not trapped, the manifestation targeting Darryl is forever locked away from the rest of the universes.



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