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Carmela is one of Kit's older sisters. She understands and speaks the Speech.


Carmela is really into shopping. She is spunky, outgoing, stubborn, and confident. Currently, she has a crush on Ronan. She loves being in charge, as can be seen by the fact that she has a Worldgate in her closet.


She has appeared in all books.

Carmela Rodriguez

Kit's sister, a couple of years older than him. She bought a laser dissociator off the Mizarthu shopping network, which she uses to help Nita and Sker'ret defend The Crossings. She is in the process of learning The Speech, despite the fact that she's not a wizard. Once Carmela learns The Speech, she spends most of her time watching TV from across the galaxy, and talking to her new alien friends. She seems to have a talent for languages, as she was learning Japanese before taking up the study of The Speech, and presumably knows Spanish as well. She helps Dairine deal with the exchange wizards in Wizard's Holiday. In Wizards at War Carmela also manages to free the entire group when they are captured at a crucial moment. During A Wizard of Mars she assists in the translation of an ancient text found in a cavern on Mars.